How it works

Businessman deciding where to expand

Manage your own disclosure

Complete a quick and anonymous information form about your opportunity

Professional guidance

We will assign a business development consultant to review your opportunity and work with you during your process

Maximise reach and value

Your opportunity will be listed on our platform and sent to over a thousand PE/VCs, Corporates and other investors on a no-names basis

Leverage Google AdWords

Our certified professionals will further advertise your opportunity on AdWords and report how many people you are reaching

Connect with real investors

Receive indications of interest from verified investors. View their profiles and decide who you would like to proceed with


Initiate an anonymous Q&A session to find out more about your preferred investors and respond to any queries they may have

Screenshots of investors communicating with businesses
Sale and Purchage Agreement Templates

NDA and disclosure

Sign NDAs with shortlisted investors before disclosing your company identity. Use our provided NDA or upload your own

Due diligence and negotiation

Safely facilitate the negotiation and due diligence process with our virtual data rooms. Share sensitive information and set access permissions for your investors and advisers

Sale and purchase agreement

Complete the transaction process with our provided SPA templates or contact us and we can arrange one to be drafted for you

For more information, visit our FAQ page .